Disrupting Balance

Busting Myths & Breaking Balance

About the show

Disrupting Balance is a podcast for recovering work/life balancers finding harmony in the imbalance of work, well-being & the in between. Each episode focuses on the stories of imbalance in the lives of professional women, who learned to carve out space to find harmony in the midst of it all. From entrepreneurs and business leaders to filmmakers and creatives, there is a little bit of harmony for every woman on the journey.

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    028: Danielle Jones: On Falling Down, Divine Obedience & Political Pursuits

    November 9th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  35 mins 45 secs
    faith, relationships, transition

    Danielle Jones is a woman stepping authentically and faithfully on the road less traveled. The former college dropout pushed through health issues, a break up from a 5-year relationship and much more to finally gain her superpowers when she learned to accept and love her authentic self.

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    027: Samantha Heuwagen: On Overcoming Disability, the Gateway of Writing & Creating Unconventional Paths

    November 2nd, 2020  |  Season 3  |  41 mins 21 secs
    identity, mental health, transitions

    Samantha is a Latinx sex therapist who does her life in two different languages. It all began in her home state of Michigan where she grew up with a close-knit family in a multicultural community. But what happens when you decide to shift the narrative, leave your family and create your own path? Samantha charted her own journey that led to a discovery of creativity and healing.

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    026: Khristi Lauren Adams: On Sacrificing Vulnerability, Brown Girl Stories & Stepping into Her Calling

    October 26th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  45 mins 6 secs
    author, faith, healing

    Khristi Adams is a vessel for Black girl stories. The speaker, author, youth advocate and ordained Baptist minister is no stranger to devastating loss. Find out how she dealt with the trauma to find her purpose and write her first book.

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    025: Anna Gonzalez: On Generational Trauma, the Drive to Excel & the Culture of Leadership

    October 19th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  33 mins 44 secs
    identity, transition, wellness

    Anna is no stranger to dealing with the challenges of growing up and existing between two cultures - Mexican and suburban American. She shares how she fought through feelings of otherness and challenges with addiction to create a life and career path beyond her imagination.

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    024: Caressa Walker: On Redefining Marriage, Showing Up & Being Perfectly Imperfect

    October 12th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  29 mins 31 secs
    faith, identity, motherhood, relationships

    Caressa Walker is embracing all of her imperfections. The creator of the Imperfect Caressa blog knows that self-love and understanding of self allows her to show up despite the challenges of her parents' 27-year marriage and devastating divorce, which later shaped her expectations on relationships and marriage.

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    023: Erika Tebbens: On Accidental Activism, Running for Office & Running a Business

    October 5th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  47 mins
    advocacy, entrepreneur, family

    Erika is a business strategist who made bold moves to overcome her challenges and change her destiny. The former military wife and mother of one son shares how an unexpected beginning resulted in her lifting her voice for food justice, testifying before Congress and eventually running for office.

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    022: Zanade Mann: On Teacher Trauma, Financial Instincts & the Black Women's Business Collective

    September 28th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  40 mins 25 secs
    career, entrepreneurship, personal growth

    There is nothing like a woman with instinct, and for Zanade Mann that is one of the many elements of her ability to create community. The wife and mother of three felt compelled to walk away from teaching job after a traumatic incident. Since then, Zanade has used her gifts to establish the Black Women's Business Collective, which provides access to resources for thousands of Black and Afro-Latina women business owners.

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    021: It's Season 3: On the Podcast Journey, Mid-level life & This Season

    September 21st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  21 mins 4 secs
    journey, mid-life, podcast

    If you're a mid-level lifer in 2020, I know your pain! Racial injustice, death of many heroes, voter suppression and Covid? How do you continue to inspire myself to push beyond feeling stuck in this phase of life? This episode reflects on the journey of the podcast this year, what it means to be a mid-level lifer and how this season's guests became unstuck from their own mid-level life challenges in spite of 2020.

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    020: H. Michelle Johnson: On The Stigma of Depression, Self Acceptance & Freedom at 50

    September 14th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  32 mins 52 secs
    career pivot, depression, healing

    H. Michelle Johnson is a woman who has found her equilibrium. After years of following the status quo as a successful nursing executive and conquering her internal struggle with depression, she was able to write and publish her first book at 50 years old.

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    019: Emily P. Bingham: On Anticipating Loss, Phases of Grief & Starting a Movement

    September 7th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 7 secs
    cancer, grief, healing

    Emily is learning to live with loss. The fitness lover and mother of two had her world turned upside down in March 2019 when she lost her husband to Uveal Melanoma, a rare cancer. Emily shares her journey through shock, anger, anxiety and sadness to finally discover the power of healing with movement.

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    018: Antoinette Ellis Williams: On Being an Outsider, Myths as an Immigrant Child & Mastering Her Voice

    August 31st, 2020  |  Season 2  |  37 mins 22 secs

    Antoinette is the embodiment of the phrase, finding voice. Her journey began in Jamaica, and when her family immigrated to the US, Antoinette - as the only girl - shied away from being seen and heard. But an encounter with her college professor who tried to make her the joke of the class would serve as an awakening of the voice that changed the course of her life.

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    017: Bre Islar: On Redefining a Mother's Love, The Impact of Trauma & Walking in Purpose

    August 24th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 33 secs
    entrepreneur, faith, womanhood

    Bre Islar is the definition of a myth buster! The former educator, wife and mother of two is no stranger to trials and challenges. As a survivor of sexual trauma, Bre used her faith to overcome its impact and propel her life on a path of purpose.
    You don't want to miss this episode on survival, healing, faith, marriage and rebirth.

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    016: Butterfly Barnes: On the Power of HBCUs, Navigating White Spaces & False Personas

    August 17th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  25 mins 2 secs
    personal development, self-love

    I was honored to share this space with my 20 year old daughter, Butterfly. She gets candid about how experiences at all white schools precipitated her strong desire to attend an HBCU; and why she feels the need to be strong, revealing a personal moment where my own breakdown compelled her to embrace the narrative.

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    015: Gisset Renteria: On Breastfeeding, Shifting Tradition & Makeup vs. Real Estate

    August 10th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  28 mins 39 secs
    working woman

    Gisset is a woman that is pivoting with grace. The former full time make up artist is now a corporate real estate professional and mother of two children. In this episode, Gisset shares her appreciation for growing up in a traditional Mexican family, her challenges with accepting the fact that breastfeeding was not for her, and the ever present emotion of mommy guilt.

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    014: Toiya Barnes: On Generational Brokenness, Ministry & Healing

    August 3rd, 2020  |  Season 2  |  30 mins 8 secs
    ministry, singer

    Toiya is dispelling myths on her terms. No myth can overcome her belief in Christ, and what He has done in her life. From the healing of generational brokenness to a singing career that has blessed her to be a sought after musical talent in southern California.

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    013: Asia Nelson: On Religion, White Girls in Yoga & Chronic Pain

    July 27th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  36 mins 12 secs
    culture, healing, religion

    Asia is a teacher on a path of perpetual learning and healing. Growing up in a small town of 7500 people, she navigated myths around religion and the role of women in domesticity. And after a back injury, Asia was forced to detach from her idea of yoga to discover a world of healing and curiosity that created a classroom beyond her expectations.