Uohna Thiessen

Special guest

Dr. Uohna J. Thiessen is a data scientist, epidemiologist, and an educator with over 15 years of experience in the scientific research field. She has earned a Ph.D in epidemiology, with a biostatistics emphasis, from Walden university, after completing graduate studies at Wright State University in the area of Neuroscience (A.B.D.), and a BSc in Biochemistry from Oakwood university.

She has worked with countless graduate students in designing their research approach and conducting and reporting the results of the analysis to successfully defend their dissertations. She also works with life coaches, consultants, and other independent business owners in using their data to gain insights about their customers; identify unique business opportunities; and to make informed business decisions.

Dr. Thiesen has a passion for teaching, both in the classroom and remotely. She has taught all the STEM subjects, but particularly enjoys teaching statistics and data analysis to students, particularly those who may have math phobias, helping them to see statistics as harmless, and hopefully as fun. She believes that data science is actually part of everyday life, and she wants everyone to at least understand the basic principles involved so that they can be better adapted, for what is fast becoming, a more data driven world.

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