Samantha Heuwagen

Special guest

Samantha Heuwagen is a Latinx sex and couples therapist and best-selling author in the Metro Atlanta area. When not working with clients, she sparks discussion about mental health with the goal to spread awareness across the United States and beyond by challenging the popular discourse surrounding mental illness and making it more inclusive.

Writing as a multicultural heterosexual 30-something middle class American bilingual cisgender woman with an invisible disability, Samantha writes about the funny things that happen in life, along with tips and tricks to be the best version of you.

But why an activist turned blogger turned writer turned therapist?

After obtaining her Master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of South Florida, she decided to continue her education at Mercer University School of Medicine in Atlanta by getting her Marriage and Family Therapy degree and sex therapy certification to help individuals looking to explore their sexuality and help couples regain their magical spark.

She became interested in the therapy field through my work as a sex educator at the University of South Florida. She enjoyed teaching, but quickly realized one on one conversations with students proved to be more powerful outside of the classroom. So, looking for a new direction in the field began her love for therapy. Samantha has always been passionate about helping others, but now, licensed by the state of Georgia, USA, she gets to join those two worlds together and create the change she wishes to see in the world.

Her books, Dawn Among the Stars, Fading Starlight, and Stardust Emerging are available now wherever books are sold. Discover what it means to be human in this feminist science fiction series, where her debut novel was nominated for a 2019 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the First Novel category and 2019 James Tiptree Award Nominee.

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