Robyn Graham

Special guest

Dr. Robyn Graham is a certified brand strategist, branding and businesscoach, host of the top rated podcast, The Second Phase, and author.Using the power of brand strategies, Dr. Graham helps multi-passionatewomen find their second phase and become entrepreneurs, buildingpersonal brands and launching businesses with solid foundations for long-term success.

Robyn helps her clients find clarity, confidence, and connection andidentify their niche and ideal audience to create brand messaging thatbuilds relationships that convert to profits. Using her six pillars of brandstrategy, Robyn helps her clients build brands that stand out, attractclients, and make an impact while following their callings.

She is an award winning photographer, wife, mom to three, a woman offaith, and passionate about serving others. She is on the executive boardof directors for Face to Face Germantown, an organization serving themarginalized population.

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