Rabia Subhani

Special guest

Rabia trained as a pediatric neuropsychologist, had a spiritual epiphany in 2013, and became immersed in learning mindfulness and self-compassion.
She was so profoundly impacted by what she learned, that she ended up re-training in multiple evidence-based mindfulness programs so she could teach mindfulness.
Not finding exactly what she wanted, Rabia ended up creating her own mindfulness program for families with neurodiverse children, Mindful VillageĀ®.

Rabia also provides mindfulness life coaching to women with a special emphasis on parenting, spiritual mentoring, joyful living, and high performance (such as healthcare providers).
She coaches with compassion and focuses on long-term personal growth.
Her goal is to help you shift your mindset to align with your heart's purpose and live life to your maximum, joyful potential.

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