Monica Goree

Special guest

Young Monica Goree, was born to her mother Norma, who was from Barbados, West Indies and her father, Isaac, who was from Columbus, GA. As a result of her father being in the Navy, Monica was born in Newfound, Canada and was granted Dual Citizenship at birth. She has one sister, Sonya Harrow, who was born in Puerto Rico.

Let’s fast forward to present day where Monica is the mother to 15-year-old Zion Goree, who is an “Elite Scholar” (because he attends Elite Scholars Academy) and a Varsity and AAU basketball player. When Monica is not tending to her motherly duties, which entails juggling Zion’s social life calendar with basketball practice & games or tournaments, she can be found serving the Lillie E. Suder Elementary School community in Jonesboro GA, as their elementary school Principal. Now, if the name Jonesboro, GA sounds familiar, it is probably because it happens to be the city that helped swing GA blue in the 2020 Presidential Election!

In her spare time, Monica enjoys praising God, spending time with her family and friends, traveling, shopping, and having a “fun good” time! Monica believes she couldn’t be where she is today without the goodness of the Lord. In fact, she believes that God’s grace and mercy have been sufficient through her life’s ups and downs. Consequently, it’s no wonder she believes that it is her obedience, her diligence, and her prayers that have been written in her prayer journal that have allowed her to achieve her ultimate professional goal and current status in life. Monica is on the down slope of education, as she is in her 25th year of service. Knowing that she is far from done, she wonders what and/or where she will be next. Will she retire at 30 years? Or will she keep on trucking? I guess we shall soon see!

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