Lisette Covarrubias

Special guest

Lisette Covarrubias is a first generation Mexican- American, proud Angelina.

She is the Program Deputy for the Business, Jobs, and Social Responsibility Division (BJSR) with the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). LAWA is the City of Los Angeles public agency that owns and operates Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), as well as Van Nuys General Aviation Airport (VNY). LAWA established BJSR in 2018 to advance LAWA’S social responsibility and maximize access to business and career opportunities and at LAWA.
In her current role, Lisette provides executive management and coordination for BJSR. She monitors and assists with adherence to the strategic plan and leads Social Responsibility initiatives.

Prior to joining LAWA, Lisette was the lead Neighborhood Liaison for the Department of City Planning (DCP), External Affairs Unit. She was responsible for educating and engaging with the numerous neighborhood councils and stakeholders around issues of planning and land use. Lisette was a key contact for the public regarding planning policies and procedures. As a planner with the DCP Lisette gained experience in project planning and case management.

Lisette earned her B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a double Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Latin American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Lisette currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters.

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