Gisset Renteria

Special guest

Gisset Renteria is a commercial real estate professional, makeup artist, mother of two and blogger who is breaking boundaries by not settling for the status quo. She has spent over 15 years building her career in corporate real estate all while continuing to pursue makeup projects as her side hustle. The experience of pursuing opportunities in two different industries has allowed her to learn from some of the smartest corporate executives and talented makeup artists. Gisset never hesitates to share what she has learned from both industries with others.

Gisset is as passionate about real estate as she is about beauty and is now on a mission to inspire working mamas to find their true passions while navigating all the demands in life, work and motherhood.

Recently, Gisset launched her blog – Working Mamacitas a one-stop online community for everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle and career for the working Mama. Her daily mantra is, “Balance in motherhood is non-existent. You focus on the most important daily and leave open time slots for the unpredictable.”

Gisset Renteria has been a guest on 2 episodes.