Elise Beckles

Special guest

Elise Beckles is a Marketing Communications professional and the Founder of The French Tutor Inc. She holds a B.A in Communications Studies and French from York University and an Msc in Global Marketing from the University of Liverpool. Being a creative with a passion for education has propelled her to serve people in various capacities, especially children holding the belief that no child should be left behind. Her faith, commitment to excellence and ongoing pursuit of self-development empowers her to live her life colourfully.

When she’s not leading marketing campaigns and running her tutoring business, Elise spends her time travelling, attending fitness classes and “liming” (Trinidadian term for “hanging out”) with family and friends. Elise is convinced that we are more alike than we are different. One of her goals in life is to continue to exemplify that excellence is a state of mind and no matter where you come from, you can have it ALL!

Elise Beckles has been a guest on 2 episodes.