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022: Zanade Mann: On Teacher Trauma, Financial Instincts & the Black Women's Business Collective

September 28th, 2020

Zanade has over fifteen years industry experience in marketing and communications with a strong background in creative writing and social media management. Formally, as the Managing Editor of the online publication Mahogany Butterfly, she has interviewed numerous celebrities and influencers to bring their creative brands to life. She has appeared on Dr. Oz and The Wendy Williams Show.

Zanade is currently the architect of the Black Women's Business Collective, a crowdsourcing initiative that was created out of a growing need to provide access and resources to Black and Afro-Latina women business owners who experienced financial challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Since then, the collective has expanded to support businesses that need education and business
training, access to funding, renewed sistership through community building, and resources in order to help their businesses thrive.

As a Black woman, mother and entrepreneur who has struggled with bootstrapping her first business she was motivated to create The Phoenix Fund in conjunction with the collective to financially support new businesses.

The fund will grant 150 women the financial support they need to secure LLC’s, websites, and marketing services to help them scale their businesses.

Zanade’s vision is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem where Black and Afro-Latina women can fairly compete in the marketplace. She knows, the time is now.

*Disrupting Balance Statement: *
I am Disrupting Balance by supporting Black women-owned businesses in the United States all day and everyday.

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