Disrupting Balance

017: Bre Islar: On Redefining a Mother's Love, The Impact of Trauma & Walking in Purpose

August 24th, 2020

Bre Islar is from Fort Washington, MD, a city just outside of Washington DC. Bre is a former elementary school teacher who decided to walk away from her job & pursue her entrepreneurial career online. She and her family now reside in the Dallas, Texas area where she works as a Social Media Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur with two beautiful daughters... all from home! The struggle to find balance in her day to day life as a wife and mother continues to exist for Bre but she's learned to identify and prioritize what matters most to her and seeks to deliver the most authentic version of her life, unapologetically. Today, Bre has helped countless female influencers and entrepreneurs successfully launch their own brands and businesses while continuing to build her empire and looks forward to encouraging and empowering even more women to do the same!

Disrupting Balance Statement:
I am Disrupting Balance by living and displaying my authentic life unapologetically and encouraging others to do the same!

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Website - www.bislarconsulting.com

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Hanifa Barnes, Esq, MBA is a speaker, decision strategist, and seasoned executive, who has nearly 15 years of experience in personal and professional change management. She is a wife and mother of four who is an operations leader supporting professionals in transition and decision making.

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