Disrupting Balance

005: Solo Episode: On Rage, Black Lives & Coping

June 1st, 2020

Prior to entering law school as a 32-year old mother of four children, I didn't realize that I was harboring anger until I exploded (rage). The problem was that I continually dismissed my feelings of frustration and anger as passing emotion that I would get over.

Refusing to acknowledge my emotion had major consequences that almost changed the course of my life. Find out how I embraced my imbalance and learned to stand in my anger to avoid rage.

Almost 15 years later, I find myself in a state of rage that I haven't experienced since law school. With the recent killings and violence against Black people, I am at a loss of coping mechanisms and words to tell my children, yet again. When does it end, and what am I doing to survive the fury within?

Listen to find out about my physical agression and how I am doing my best to find peace in a constant state of ragel.

Links to sources:
"Is Rage a Choice?" - Psychology Today
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"4 Facts About Women’s Anger That’ll Help You Keep It Healthy" - Healthline

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Hanifa Barnes, Esq, MBA is a speaker, decision strategist, and seasoned executive, who has nearly 15 years of experience in personal and professional change management. She is a wife and mother of four who is an operations leader by day and building her dream career by night.

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